INMORTAL Interview with Eliaz Dassa

RAW Streetphoto Gallery in Rotterdam is known for producing conceptual exhibitions that show vibrant artworks of emerging artists. For the first seasonal exhibition of 2020, RAW Streetphoto Gallery invited Eliaz Dassa, an Israeli digital artist with a strong grounding in diverse media. Dassa moved to England to accomplish an MA in Graphic Moving Image at the London College Of Communication. Upon his arrival in Europe, Dassa embraced his background, which was pivotal for his intrinsic development. During this process, Dassa dived into the artistic scene of the British capital. RAW Streetphoto Gallery had the privilege to exhibit one of his most recent projects, “INMORTAL”. This is a series that re-introduced the Greek muscular male figure from the forgotten memories of Neoclassicism. Eliaz believes that contemporary visual arts have been absent from the abstract arena of modern art. Thus, Dassa rigorously chose an artistic methodology that consists of combining microscopic photography and sculpture to reveal the most authentic depiction of the ancient Greek male sculpture in the modern era. The ancient Greek aesthetics are meaningful because, these carry intangible knowledge about values, beauty, and goodness- also referred to as Kalokagathìa- which was once considered an oath to the humankind.

To immerse into the meaning and artistic development of INMORTAL, the team from RAW Streetphoto Gallery prepared an interview with Eliaz Dassa.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery: Before we precipitate to speak about your art itself, we are interested to know how your artistic career developed. You have accomplished an MA in Graphic Moving Image at the London College Of Communication. When was the moment that you decided you wanted to professionally study art? Also, if you could provide advice to those emerging artists that are doubting about following a professional art career, what would you tell them?

Elias Dassa: Creativity has always been a part of my life - as a child my mother had a shop for art materials and she always inspired me to create, whether it was oil painting, sculpture or jus