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The last exhibition of 2022

It was a great year for Chrysalid Gallery! The last exhibition of the year 2022 was Art vs Craft, dedicated to reclamation of the artfield by alternative mediums and female-presenting artists.

Natalia Grezina presented a textile sculpture and an embroidery piece, Martina Farrugia ceramics with imprinted crochet and collages and Kendall Ross a print of a knit artwork. Artist’s works sparked conversations about the meaning of the words “art” and “craft” and the importance of alternative points of views and mediums in the art field.

One of the events following the exhibition was an artist talk with Natalia Grezina. The artist shared her experience working in a “feminine” textile medium, the prejudice she faces as a female artist and the traumatic history of her hometown that inspires her art. It was amazing to see the gallery was full with people listening to the talk and asking questions!

In collaboration with Creative Womxn Rotterdam, we also hosted two workshops: jewellery-making with Martina Farrugia and crocheting/knitting circle inside an inflatable pool with Maïté Moloney. The participation in a collective craft-making itself can be an anti-capitalist statement. Many guests remarked handcrafting being a meditative and relaxing process, while some worked up the courage to engage in such a “feminine” activity only after a couple of glasses of wine.

Exhibition Art vs Craft, artist talk and workshops were a great ground for connection and discussion. As a curator I enjoyed making and participating in them and am thankful for all the people who made it happen!

Thank you, Marth von Loeben, Alexey Shifman, Anton Ermolov, Martina Farrugia, Natalia Grezina, Kendall Ross Maïté Moloney, and Trân Trn and everyone who visited.

Sophia Redkina


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