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Represented Artists

Alice Lucchinelli

With my practice, I seek to highlight queer issues, femininity, and cultural identity, while trying to make a change, even if small. Photography empowered me and freed me to become my self, even if it is only in a single image. 

Jake Head Shot.jpg

The foundation of our shared human culture from ancient cave paintings to 3D printing can be traced fundamentally to lines. Kelly calls upon the significance and history of lines as the foundation of his practice.

Liviu Bulea

The concrete dust covering my hometown is transformed into a painting or sculpture that recalls the trauma of a community deeply affected by post-revolutionary changes in Romania.

Natalia Grezina

My artistic practice is a constant dialogue with the many aspects of existence and aims to find a reconciliation between society, individuals and nature. 

Samuele Canestari

Samuele Canestrari was born in Fano (IT) in 1996 and is a visual artist with a specialisation in illustration and animation.

zakaria wakrim

It lets us have this aesthetic concern, which is nothing else than a tangible trace of the meta-conscientious stellar dust that we are. It defines the way how we think about our universe, that makes us so special, something we’re not always aware of.

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