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The eighth winner of RAW Contest 2019

Finally RAW Streetphoto Gallery is happy to present the last eighth winner of RAW Contest 2019.

Great amateur photographer from Greece Marios Vrenozis (@merum___) won the eighth month. His work on the theme "Street Art" got the most votes.


Now Merum was featured at RAW Streetphoto Gallery Instagram, will participate in Rotterdam Photo Festival beginning of February 2020.

What Merum told us about himself and winning shot:

"My name is Marios Vrenozis known as "Merum", I am 31 and I live in Athens, Greece, I am a graduate Electrical and Technological Engineer and nowadays I work in the urban office in me Athens municipal.

Starting photography almost 5 years ago and getting better day to day I had some pictures promoted to some great street photography magazines and webs.

This photograph was taken on a random no-photowalk day in the downtown of Athens. After meeting a couple of friends to a coffee shop on my way back I stuck to this wonderful and complete "fresh" graffiti. I said then that I will take the best picture out of this and mostly quick because such a busy place is a big attraction in the city. So, the only camera I had at this moment was the one in my phone, I moved around a lot to get the best composition before I shoot. Finally I stood across the street and I realized that this simple frame was the best capture and interpretation. Spontaneously this color dressed guy with this hat was passing by, I lifted my phone and I shooted, spot on, this was the first shot and the last."

Meanwhile Rotterdam Photo Festival is coming!

The opening is going to be on the 6th of February.

If you are in Rotterdam, join the show and look at works of our 8 winners!

Stay tuned!

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