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Desires, aspirations and efforts to achieve success

Today we want to tell you about desires and aspirations of one photographer to achieve success. Riccardo De Vecchi (Instagram: found out about us through our #rawcontest18. He participated in one of the months, then was selected. He could not get the necessary amount of likes to win. But he already knew that he wanted to develop and build his art career. He didn't want to stop on this step. He came to us for help. We started working with him. The result of offered curatorial program with him and our art curator Marth von Loeben became an exhibition. Do you remember the Exhibition "Language of Rage" in last December? Photographs of Riccardo were presented at the exhibition together with a sculpture of an elephant by Finnish sculptor. The opening of the exhibition was amazing. At the opening, Riccardo met new people and discovered about the Rotterdam Photo Festival, about the upcoming Open Call for photographers. He sent application for participation and was chosen!

Work by Riccardo De Vecchi

Rotterdam Postcards by Riccardo De Vecchi

Incredible! Now you will be able to see his own new exhibition "Rotterdam Postcards" at Rotterdam Photo Festival at the 7th February. What do you know about desires, aspirations and efforts? Well done, Riccardo! We are proud of you. See you on Festival! Dear Friends, come to see Riccardo's series and our #rawcontest18 winning shots at Rotterdam Photo Festival, one of the biggest events during Art Rotterdam Week 2019. If you don't know where to start your art career, need help and answers, send us email. We will contact you!

More details about our curatorial program you can find out here.

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