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International new development of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

RAW Streetphoto Gallery opened its doors in 2016. From the beginning, our gallery core ambition remains to create the platform for the emerging street photographers and experimental art. RAW Streetphoto Gallery has become a unique place in the Netherlands that helps emerging photographers to foster their career.

Following our vision, we have opened the second gallery in Tel Aviv under the name of Gloss Gallery.

With such development, we have enriched our initial idea into the new possibility of interaction between the Netherlands and Israel, as we call it the “artistic bridge”. We encourage artists to bring their works to Israel or the Netherlands and thus exchange different visions and new inspirations between the nations. We believe that such international interactions help artists to see their works under the different angle, have a possibility to speak with the new audience and finally permit the artist to be internationally recognized.

We are happy to host the artists willing to exhibit their works in Rotterdam or in Tel Aviv. Art Curators and gallery teams of RAW Streetphoto Gallery and Gloss Gallery will work hand in hand with artists to create their exhibition that will influence their career growth and enrich the artistic experience.

In pursuit of our visions, we have already exhibited in Rotterdam the extremely talented and promising photograph SansSerif. We were the first gallery ever to show his works to the big audience. It was a unique exhibition.

The coming year gallery starts the new collaboration with Curator Love from the US to start a new global exhibitions covering the biggest cultural capitals: Los Angeles, New Mexico, London and Honk Kong. We have decided to create each year a new show featuring emerging artists from all continents. Through the global circle exhibitions we want to achieve a new possibility of curation and new communication with visitors.

Currently, we are developing the new exchange program with Athens. Starting October the 6th RAW Streetphoto Gallery hosts the exhibition of Athens photography group that includes George Makridis, John Robokos, and Mytas Dimitris. Following Rotterdam exhibition, January 2019 RAW Streetphoto Gallery curates the show in Greece at Tsalapata Complex! It is an exceptional example of positive collaboration between art institutions within the European Union.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery has proved in 3 years since its opening the possibility of experimental photography to be recognized. We are always open to the new artistic collaborations with artists and art groups that can foster the development of artistic ideas, provide a platform for the artistic experiment for emerging artists and extend the international limits for the future growth.

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