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RAW Streetphoto Gallery statement

What does it mean to create an exhibition? What do you think how much time does it take to: create a concept, speak through all stages with artists, with printing house, with graphic designer, make all the texts, speak with city events publishing houses, send the invitation, prepare the opening and stay consistent with the gallery year art program? Very long question!

But short answer - it takes a lot of time and huge efforts.


RAW Streetphoto Gallery does it for the love for photography and because we truly believe that street and experimental photography should be seen.

Working with artists we try establish a good partnership and go through endeavour together by influencing each other.

Recently, we have very unpleasant accident with photographer. He has refused to exhibit several month before exhibition, meanwhile offending the team. It is very painful to read such messages. After many months of work.

This story has learned us a lot and we would like to make the following statement.

We want to work only with photographers who take their art seriously and not for fun in Instagram. We want to understand that photographer sees the development and has artistic mission and targets. We need that artist by coming to the gallery gets acceleration to achieve new horizons. If you do not know why are you doing photography, please stay in the photography dilatant clubs.

By coming to RAW Streetphoto Gallery we work together and engage in the difficult creative process. Do not waist our time, it is very valuable.

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