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 03  |  10 September 2022

From April to November 2020 artists submitted their photographs for the RAW photo contest. The winning artworks in four contest categories are now on display at Chrysalid gallery. Winner in the category Metamorphosis Anna Golubeva focused on the way something fundamental such as sky or water constantly changes: “this concept [Metamorphosis] can also create a feeling of something really complex. Philosophically speaking it’s about changes in processes, in shape, form and the object self”. Anna presented a descriptive statement and four photographs of ice and night sky, “eternal phenomena” that constantly shapeshift. 

Pegah Vaez is the winner of the category Stopping by Woods on a Snowy evening. In his works he shows “broken pieces of fears and concerns” in the shape of thinly sliced melon, aubergine, lemon and tomato. Submitted photo series explores anxiety as a dark and deep forest where one can get lost during the search for “exit to the brighter side”. Anxiety prompts you to enter this forest, however, we can break it to “small harmless pieces not strong enough to guide you to their woods”. 

For The Asymmetry of Identity, Johannes Hogebrink won submitting a gold and silver print composed of two photographs split through the middle. In his artwork he explores assumptions: what we see is all we have to determine identity. The artwork shows two people, however it is not clear whether they are “hurting or loving each other”, blurring our assumptions and perception. 

Francesca Menghini won in the Family Reunion category. In her submission, she captures breakfast table under the morning light. In her statement she writes that “Sharing a meal is not only to eat it with other people, is being together”. Francesca discovered the importance of paying attention and being grateful for seemingly unimpressive things. She began to observe deeper into her surroundings, finding beauty in everyday scenes. Francesca was fascinated by the way light shapes her reality and started searching how to show what she sees: “Light and dark give a different shape to reality for each of us. Do you search for light or dark?”

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