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Mermaid Heart

Technique: Polyethylene, glass beads,  natural stones, sea   shells, pearls, cotton threads, cotton wool


Size: 27 x 13,5 x 3 cm

Year:  2022
Edition:  Unique

Price Range:  500 / 800 Eur

Status:  For sale 

“Mermaid Heart” belongs to the series about allegorical language of fairy tales and cultural symbols. 
The ghostly heart, woven of foam and pearls, seems fragile and toothless, but it is insidious and can drag you into dark abyss of hours, days and months.

The heart is covered with shells, collected by me on the coast of the North Sea, and in one of them there is a small piece of glass found in Chersonese – a souvenir from the Black Sea. This is all that is left from the carefree time – smooth piece of broken glass.

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