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Curated by Marth von Loeben

Raw Streetphoto Gallery is proud to present the duo exhibition by the French artists Youri Cayron and Romain Rivalan, who has recreated the Gallery space  into a multi-media experience to convey the effects of the brutalist practice of aggressive urbanisation.


Over the last few years, the artists have spent their time and effort to explore, study and capture the many facets of how architecture changes the space around humans. Construction has moved from a basic need to build shelters to a destructive transformation of space with a creeping need to dominate, occupy and wipe out.

They work together in close ranks with video, photography and music in order to render a full immersive experience of what they have experienced themselves around the world. 


Rendering the feelings, thoughts and questions they witnessed first-hand will be an installation in the gallery space which will alter the perception of space of the gallery, changing the classic experience of visiting a white cube.

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