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Vladimir Radujkov

Artist Statement

Vladimir's personal style is formally abstract, yet fundamentally nature-oriented and inspired.
His interests lie in exploring the thin line between known and unknown, figurative and abstract, associative and the lack thereof. Although unintended, the motives are not instantly familiar, it is the title of the work that turns them back to associative field of different natural structures, sometimes of botanical and animal origin. He finds beauty in strangeness as well as in commonly accepted beauty ideals.

Drawing exists as a strong contour that builds and defines the structure of his pieces.
It is always present, dark, strong and it varies from parallelism to a free, almost baroque structure of thick organic lines. He uses repetition in order to create a vivacious linear shadow play, which adds to an overall dynamic of the works. The lines range from very long to very short almost comma like, and he uses them to edit the chaos and establish order in his composition. The colour pallet is subdued, and not primary in his work. It varies from neutrals to vividly grassy and watery green and lately, hints of cold greyish and dark blues and black. Colours are never raw, always modulated and toned down to let the form speak for itself. He uses thick paste as well as liquid and see-through paint in order to define the depth of the field.

All accidental elements, such as spills and drops, are strictly controlled, and all pictorial elements are intentional. His work begins as product of a very long contemplation and thought, while the gesture varies from long and calm to a short and frantic.


Chrysalid Gallery


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