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The Others Art Fair

The Others 
October 2019
Natalia Grezina (Ru | NL)
Iiris Sointu (Fin | NL)
Riccardo de Vecchi (It | NL)
Filippo Ficozzi (It | NL)

Curated by Marth von Loeben 

Blood in the corner of the eye

The central piece by Finnish artist Iiris Sointu titled “Mass and Mind” aims to strip

down the human being to its core  material and make the individual rethink

its uniqueness in terms of physicality and  transcendence. We are made of the

same matter, which can be measured  and controlled, but what is the spark that

renders us different from each other? On the walls, the works by

Riccardo de Vecchi (Italian architecture-oriented photographer) and Natalia Grezina (Crimean embroidery artist) will lock the sense of introspection  by addressing the viewer directly both from a conceptual and visual  direction. The new series of photos by Riccardo de Vecchi will make the observer rethink the environment in which they were taken and if they even represent  actual reality.


The embroidery pieces by Natalia Grezina are meant to blend the boundaries of memory, imagination and nightmares to the point of leaving the viewer deeply entangled in the emotional narrative about post-war experiences and their impact on third-generation of survivals they convey.

The visitor who enters the room curated by Marth von Loeben is meant to undergo a subconscious emotional transformation both thanks to the artworks shown and the frame of the building where the fair takes place: we strongly believe that our theme and our artists are a perfect fit for a groundbreaking and daring fair such as The Others, which focuses on the unconventional and peculiar in contemporary art.

This ascetic experience will also be continued in the section Stages and Screen with Filippo Ficozzi’s video about the primordial research for alchemical gold; a non-linear short piece that absorbs the viewer and takes it through the riddles of a visceral experience of transcendence.

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