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What are you complaining about?

​RAW will host extremely talented photographer Aleksandra Striapunina. Photo exhibition dedicated to homeless people in Berlin. They live on the streets in one of the world's leading capitals. There are 11000 of them in Berlin.

What Aleksandra is telling us about these series of works: "Sometimes I was complaining that my life is not perfect, that I do not have many things as others do. But after I made this project about homeless people in Berlin, I realised that I have a lot of things to be happy about. .. And with this project I wanted to ask our western society: "What are you complaining about??" There are people who live on the streets and having absolutely NOTHING right next to us. .. It feels to me that sometimes our focus goes to other problems. We do not see that there are so many people among us, living in a developed European country, who need our help!"

The exhibition is a trip to her deep reflections about human life, our problems, and our future. It is travel inside of humanity.

RAW and Cretopia Rotterdam/ Toko51 are really proud to be part of this journey and invite to join the show.


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