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Russian brutal art. Andrey Kuzkin

What is art of today? Where does it lead us?

Contemporary art creates the fake vision that the invented world in the head of artist can be recreated in reality. Many of us, real living human, acknowledge that to succeed we must correspond to some image.

But if to make a try to look into the zeal of the image – into its core? What we will find there?

Me, as curator of RAW Streetphoto Gallery, is extremely intrigued by the possibility to work with Russian artist and performer Andrey Kuzkin. World open to the reasoning, cleaned from beauty and unimportant colors. Brutality dominates Andrey's works: what will stay after us – only shadow. What is our lives - unnecessary objects.

Uneasy questions, answered with truthful cruelty. Brutal art of Andrey Kuzkin.

Join our stand 55 with works of Andrey Kuzkin at Rotterdam Contemporary Art fair 2017.


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