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Creating exhibition of streetphotographer Chris Moret. Inspiration through banality.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery is ready to open the new exhibition of a talented emerging dutch streetphotographer Chris Moret . It was a long and challenging process to select the best photos that describe best the idea of Chris “to tell a little story by a single image or maybe give the viewer the opportunity to create his own”.

Finally, after many days, there were selected 7 photos that we believe shows best the creativity talent and absolute photo vision of Chris Moret. The most interesting for me in his works is the tiny instant that was captured in a very banal place like a window of a shop, some shadow or simply flying birds. It is amazing how Chris Moret turning occasional into the fully finished amazing story in his street photography.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery ambition is to make the viewer search for new aspects of usual scenes surrounding us and let be driven by visions of Chris Moret.


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