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The second winner of RAW Contest 2019

Here we go with the second finalist of RAW Contest 2019 in Instagram.

We are happy to tell you that Elisa Gómez Arias (@eli_gomeza, @textura_y_contraste) won the second month.

Her work on the theme "Building the city" got the most votes. Now she was featured at RAW Streetphoto Gallery, will participate in coming Rotterdam Photo Festival on February 2020.

Elisa Gomez

We asked her about this photograph, there is a story behind it:

"The photograph was taken in Medellín, Colombia, one spring afternoon. Being anarchitecture student has given me a certain fascination for the construction of thecity. After an unfortunate event in a building in the city where the crane brokedown, the image was the perfect representation of the construction and growth of acity. Imperfect, beautiful, alive and dead. Days after taking the picture the cranewas taken down, since then, the image is just a memory of the beautifulimperfection of the city."

RAW Streetphoto Gallery is really glad to see her among the winners.

Stay with us!

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