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The first winner of RAW Contest 2019

We are happy to start sharing with you our RAW Contest 2019 winners.

During 8 months we were giving different subjects for photographers, choosing photographs, waiting for your votes to reveal the winner of the current month.

Now it is time to introduce you these finalists.

The first topic was "At the back yard".

Bonaventura Durall (@bonaventuradurall, @venturadurall), Barcelona based photographer, decided to take part in the challenge and eventually won. His work got the most votes, that gave him excellent chance to be part of Rotterdam Photo Festival during Art Rotterdam Week on February 2020 (06-09/02/2020) and be exhibited at RAW Streetphoto Gallery.

Bonaventura started from a very young age in photography in a totally amateur and self-taught way. Good observer and with a well-trained eye, he takes photographs in various areas, especially in two of them:

On the one hand, his beloved Costa Brava, the life of its people, its sands and rocks, and the sea in general, always trying to seek different points of view, fleeing from orthodox beauty and focusing a lot on back lights and strange angles that are often surprising for the viewer.

On the other, street photography. Good in the middle distance, the author, insightful observer, does not lose detail of gestures and textures, looking for curious scenes in the street. He often plays with silhouetted figures, back lights - again - and reflections, showing off his sense of humor and thus putting in focus scenes that otherwise would usually go unnoticed by the viewer.

Bonaventura is the winner of different contests (Photography Chronicles, Lens Culture, LifeFramer, Spider Awards, Int’l Photo Awards, BIPAwards, Spider Awards, Streets Storytelling, etc...).

Currently (2019/20) his photos are displayed in the Hotel Casa Volver, a beautiful collective project in a boutique hotel in Barcelona committed to local artists.

Here is what he told us about his winning work:

Bonaventura Durall

“ [Not without my camera] is one of my life premises, and even in my most idle and restful moments I accomplish this. I was lying on my towel besides the tennis club swimming pool when my daughter attention was caught by her big cousin, who was calling her from behind the wooden fence. I waited as they approached and was happy to see that their only aim was to reach each otheer, to feel the touch of their hands in a subtle way. No hidden intentions. Just a little caress to demonstrate that, despiste the high fence, they were close to each other. He was feeling protective and she was feeling big. A real win-win encounter. And then I pressed the shutter”.

We are glad to see him among the winners.

Stay tuned to know about other #rawcontest19 winners as well :)

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