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RAW Streetphoto Gallery at Photo Basel

RAW Streetphoto Gallery is participating in Photo Basel 2019. We proudly represent a promising and talented Dutch visual artist Dirk Hardy. Together we have decided to show for the art fair audience the photography works from one of the artist's remarkable projects VOID.


Photo Basel is a well-known international art fair which solely concentrates on the field of photography. This year it will return for the fifth time from the 11st until 16th of June during the Art Basel week which takes place at the Volkshaus Basel, Switzerland. Photo Basel offers a venue for a lot of established as well as emerging photographers all around the world to join and unleash their talent through exhibited works. It is important to note that Photo Basel is the only photography fair in Switzerland. Annually, it attracts a huge number of visitors, buyers and art experts.

Dirk Hardy, VOID

Moreover, Photo Basel plays a role in opening up opportunities for artists to thrive as many collectors are going to attend. According to the art fair’s Founding Director – Sven Eisenhut, his ambition is also to enable photography to reach a wider audience. On top of that, Photo Basel acts as a bridge that stimulates an international dialogue between photography enthusiasts to happen. Besides, the art fair features 40 exhibitors and more than 530 artworks by artists that come from 16 different countries. It can be seen that Photo Basel has a lot of features that make it become a prestigious art fair.

Therefore, taking part in this event is considered as one of the gallery’s biggest achievements. Indeed, this will definitely help RAW Streetphoto Gallery on the way of gaining a stronger reputation in the art world.

Dirk Hardy being qualified for participating in the art fair, RAW Streetphoto Gallery proudly represents a promising and talented Dutch visual artist. RAW Streetphoto Gallery is a gallery from Rotterdam. Furthermore, it is the only gallery specializing in Experimental and Street Photography in The Netherlands. About Dirk, he was born in Boxtel, The Netherlands. Only after finishing his major in architecture at Eindhoven University of Technology, Dirk realised his passion for photography. In 2014, he graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. In addition to being a photographer, currently Dirk works as a photography teacher at his alma mater. Together with the gallery, he will take part at the upcoming Photo Basel event.

RAW Streetphoto GAlelry at Photo Basel

The exhibited artworks were selected from one of his remarkable projects that was released in 2015 entitled Void. Throughout this series of images, the elevator empty spaces emerges as the subject. Still, what draws viewers’ attention is the multidimensionality of the story embedded in each of his photos. Instead of trying to convey a particular message to the viewers, he encourages them to be critical by leaving room for various interpretations. Arguably, this stays in contrast to the image of elevator which reflects a narrow space and physical closeness. At the same time, Dirk brilliantly captured moments in a highly stylistic manner. He gives further examination into the world of multiple emotions that people express in a daily context. Each emotion embodies a hidden meaning that waits to be unveiled by viewers. Indeed, his philosophy is to focus on harmonizing two elements that constitute an artwork which are form and content. Because of having a strong background in architecture, Dirk’s working practice always starts with establishing a solid foundation for his works which is about formulating the main idea. Then, he is not like other artists who mostly rely on improvisation. Rather, Dirk proceeds to develop the idea through a carefully built plan.

Dirk Hardy, VOID

If there is any chance that you would pass by Photo Basel, please come and join the grand premiere of Dirk Hardy’s artworks at RAW Streetphoto Gallery’s booth on the 11th of June! Spending time on contemplating those works will definitely become one of the most unique experiences you will ever have!

Dirk Hardy, VOID

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