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The sixth winner of RAW Contest 2018

Finally RAW Streetphoto Gallery is happy to present the last sixth winner of RAW Contest 2018.

Great amateur photographer from Philippines Alvin Mendoza won in the sixth month. His work on the theme "Family reunion" got the most votes.

Alvin Mendoza - the sixth winner of RAW Contest 2018

Now Alvin was featured at RAW Streetphoto Gallery Instagram, will participate in Rotterdam Photo Festival beginning of February 2019 and be exhibited at Gloss Gallery in Tel Aviv.

What Alvin told us about himself and winning shot:

"I just started photography way back 2016. I have no interest in photography back then. But then I remembered seeing my father's old Nikon D90 in his cabinet. And the journey begins.

I started building my passion. Learned the basics of photography (and still learning). 'Til we had this trip to Cebu, Philippines with my friends.

There was a festival in Cebu that time called Sinulog festival in which we acquired during Spanish colonization where people celebrate in honor of one of their saints namely Sto. Nino. During this festival, people wear colorful costumes and gather in a place for a street dance.

I borrowed a 35mm lens from a friend and at that moment, I started falling in love with the lens and street photography.

While walking on the street with the prime lens i borrowed. I point and shoot everything I see that interests me. One of them is this very touching photo.

When I came home to check the photos, I saw this photo and felt very happy to capture that moment of this father and his two happy kids. One of them is riding on his shoulder and the other seems asking for the same as well.

Since then, I fell in love with street photography. For me, every moment unseen deserves a photograph. Whatever the emotion is when you click that shutter, that truth will be saved forever.

I dream of becoming a good photographer. I am still learning on daily basis. And I am very thankful for this opportunity that you guys gave me. To be able to showcase my work to other people. I really love you guys!"

Thank you, Alvin, for your kind words!

Meanwhile Rotterdam Photo Festival is coming!

The opening is going to be on 7th February.

If you are in Rotterdam, join the show and look at our 6 winners!

Stay tuned!

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