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The forth Winner of RAW Contest 2018

Here we go and our forth finalist of RAW Contest 2018 in Instagram.

We are happy to tell you that the photographer from Japan Ryo Nishi won in the forth month. His work on the theme "Gentrification" got the most votes.

Ryo Nishi - the forth winner of RAW Contest

Now he was featured at RAW Streetphoto Gallery, will participate in Rotterdam Photo Festival February 2019 and be exhibited at Gloss Gallery in Tel Aviv.

There is his story how was taken winning shot. Enjoy!

"This picture was taken in a certain town in Shiga Prefecture of Japan. It is a house that surrounds a narrow alley and it is a house, which seems to be the residence of people by flowing in at first glance, but it is different. These are houses of people who originally lived here. A smart interchange of a highway will be constructed soon in this area, so air of such a quiet alley may not be seen anymore. I felt the spiritual isolation and loneliness from the alley between these houses and photographed it over the highway which Ironically already passed. People are hiding a little small, and now anxiety is flowing over time in this alley."

RAW Streetphoto Gallery is really glad to see him among the winners.

Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram to know everything that is going on right now with #rawcontest18 :)

Final is coming!

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