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New Exhibition of Zakaria Wakrim

RAW Streetphoto Gallery is proud to present the exhibition of talented photographer Zakaria Ait Wakrim (lives and works between Spain and Morocco).

His exhibition is open from the 3rd November.

Zakaria Wakrim

Zakaria Wakrim

His early photoworks were quite experimental willing to explore perceptual human boundaries using All sort of experimental means. After being cataloged as on of the “Emerging Artists†“ in his homeland, he started applying his experimental means to create a deep reflexion around the concepts of Change and Identity. The series presented at the exhibition of RAW Streetphoto Gallery are produced in Casablanca outskirts ( Morocco ). It explores the way old boundaries existing between the rural world and an ever-growing urban world seem to fade away. It simply looks like the urban world is annexing small parts of the rural areas without any sort of urban planning, most of this process occurs in a violent silence, which creates a wide frontier concept. The main feeling is that this is not a relationship of consent, but rather a certain violence in this accelerating process. Zakaria expresses his feeling of observing the changes in his homeland as “...the whole countryside is being under construction. Moreover, I feel that there is a tremendous lack of planning, which already starting to produce weird landscapes, in which we clearly see that each part is trying to survive on its own. Real-Estate companies take advantage o anti-speculation laws that make agricultors be under pressure, either they reach a certain quantity of production or they are forced to sell their lands quickly at low prices.” The technique he has employed is Infrared Photography. Since the local inhabitants of Casablanca are getting used to the surrounding landscapes, Zakaria by using infrared strange chroma has put the viewer to the point out at what's happening. Which creates a wide range of chromatic weird contrast, breaking down with the apparent normality surrounding the outskirts of the city.

And, of course, some photos from the Opening:

Thank you for coming!

We will continue to surprise you with great and beautiful works. Stay tuned!

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