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The second Winner of RAW Contest 2018

Here we are with the second finalist of RAW Contest 2018 in Instagram.

We are happy to tell you that Bill Stegers won in the second month. His work on the theme "Final Destination" got the most votes. Now he was featured at RAW Streetphoto Gallery, will participate in Rotterdam Photo Festival next year and be exhibited at Gloss Gallery in Tel Aviv.

The second winning photo by Bill Stegers

We asked him few questions about photography and story of the winning shot.

Here is what Bill told us:

"I was born in Rotterdam in 1968 and now live in Vlissingen. I started approaching photography as a serious hobby in 2011 with a Olympus PEN E-PL1 during a trip to Iceland and that is when I got hooked for life. Working my way through the usual list of suspects of DSLR's I eventually landed on the Fujifilm X-series and the photo of the dog on the balcony ( ƒ/4; 1/180; 55mm; ISO400) was taken on March 9th 2018 with a Fuji X-Pro1 with the 18-55mm zoom lens attached.

I had acquired the zoom lens on the secondhand market recently and was going out for a walk in the neighborhood to test it out. I usually only use prime lenses with the Fuji so I wasn't really sure what to expect. As I stepped out of the door it even started to rain lightly. This was going to be a short photo walk for sure! I frantically looked around for something interesting to shoot and that is when I saw this sad dog silently staring out of one of the balconies of the apartment building just across the street. I quickly forgot about the rain, dialed in my settings, composed the shot at 55mm and the rest is history as they say.

After that I cleaned my lens filter and took another one but the dog had already noticed me by then so that shot did not really work for a candid street shot.

I am gravitating more and more towards black and white film photography, self developing and scanning my 35mm and 120 film and planning on setting up a little dark room soon. I just love the manual process of creating images the old fashioned way. My Fuji X-series cameras get me closest to this experience in the digital domain.

If I could only afford that digital Leica Monochrom without the screen ;)"

RAW Streetphoto Gallery is really glad to see him among the winners.

Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram to know everything that is going on right now with #rawcontest18 :)

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