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Photography production of strong visual content

This article describes the process of creating the visual representations of a business idea. It gives an overview of process development starting from team building through the final process of photo-shooting. We discuss the important points of production including the tips and prioritisation to achieve the desirable outcome of photography production.


Power of Image

The power of image has always fascinated me. I spent a lot of time investigating how an image can influence our decision making process. Ancient civilizations long before us have understood the power of pictorial representation. The most well- known example of an image’s striking power is the Egyptian pictograms.

Best example of using image power: external publicity boards

Best example of using image power: external publicity boards

In modern times, image is more important than ever. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and all other social networks are based on visual representation in the form of pictures. And that is without mentioning magazines and the role of advertisements.

Visualisation of Idea

Each company and any product has its own visual representation. This image underlies a product’s unique features and differentiates it from others. Well-known brands like Tesla have immediate image association just after its mentioning. That is precisely the power of an image.

The magic of photography is the possibility to visualize a new idea. Such images are explicit and easily understood by the audience. To create an easily memorable image requires a well-thought out approach and a clear product philosophy.

Thus, the philosophy is becoming the starting point of any photography production.

How to transfer an idea from photography concept and how to map the product philosophy? This is where the photography production team comes in.


The first step of photography production is to identify the creative specialists. Usually the creative team consists of all involved players required for the photo-session. It should include the creative director, photographer, designer, make-up, fashion stylist, art adviser, graphic designer,... The list of involved persons will grow as the complexity of the photoshoot meets the desired outcome.

Minimum creative team:

  1. Production leader

Production leader is responsible for managing all the team and solving all practical, logistical questions.

  1. Photographer

A key member during the production. It is important that the photogra- pher is involved in all stages of photography production to have a clear vision of what the final product should be.

  1. Fashion creator

Usually at the photography session there are models and it is important that the models are dressed in the mood of the requested photography. Fashion creator will provide the outfits that are necessary to photgraph the looks.

  1. Stylist

The stylist is very important to select the looks of the models involved into the shooting. He or she will select the clothes from fashion creators, shoes, jewellery and recommendations about make up and hair styles.

  1. Make-up and hairdresser

To create the desired look of the models it is necessary to have make-up and hairdresser specialists. They should be involved in the creative team and are aware of the technical issues during photoshoot and make adjustments to the looks based on creative changers during the shoot.

  1. Graphic designer

This member of the team will edit the photography and will prepare it for the publication in the magazine, catalogues or any other media. This person will edit the photography that will be used for the final designed purpose.

  • Further the role of production leader is to synchronize all the team members.

  • The focus of the production is to identify the best concept.

My advice during the photo-session production is to be a problem solver. The problems to solve begin from selecting the location of the shooting, technical issues and of most importance keeping the team motivated. Production of photography concentrates first of all at revealing breakthrough ideas. Second it concentrates on finding the best method to apply these ideas into the photography.

Brainstorming during preparations for the fashion shooting is a crucial part of photography production

Brainstorming during preparations for the fashion shooting is a crucial part of photography production

  • Experience shows that often creative teams overestimate their time and capabilities for the shoots. In my planning, I deliberately include expected time management for each team member.

  • Wrong time estimation due to change of outfits, light installation time or coffee breaks can bring all the processes to a halt. If this happens, you can believe me, the final result will be very disappointing.

  • Finally, production of a photography shoot is not just pressing the button on a camera but building the character of photography. The target is to manage the process of bringing creativity into reality.

Process of photo-shooting is equally not an easy task.


Only one photograph that you can further use for publicity usually takes two to four hours. If you count all the involved members it is not that hard to estimate the full costs. Timing thus becoming the crucial point for the production.

Despite the difficulties, it is a very creative process - an art in itself.The production process permits us to create the strong visual context. Such images can push forward the limits of reality and create new emotions for your audience.

Author: Alexey Shifman, director of RAW Streetphoto Gallery and Photography Production

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