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Winners of August RAW Streetphoto Gallery Instagram photography contest

We are happy officially announce the winner of the RAW Streetphoto Gallery Instagram photogrpahy contest of (find more at @rawstreetphotogallery gallery account).

This time we have an exceptional story – we have two winners. It is unique situation and we promise not to repeat it any more.

The reason and our excuse that we were missing one rule – no external help from Facebook friends and any other social network.

So not to hurt anyone we made an exception and we announce the winners: Fabio Petry and Fokko Muller. Their works have gained the highest scores and as you probably remember the subject of August contest was “Animals”.

I want to share with you also the stories of winning photos of both photographers. Two wonderful photos with two interesting stories behind!

Fabio Petry winning photography

Fabio Petry winning photography

Fabio story is great in its simplicity: “This photo was taken on a Sunday, in an old coal plant in my city (Porto Alegre / Brazil). The place is called Gasômetro. The plant has been inactive for decades and has been transformed into a cultural center. It is the symbol of my city. During the weekends it is very crowded because it is a large public leisure space.”

Fokko Muller winning photography

Fokko story looks like follow the idea of Fabio, the relaxation of situation: “This photo is taken at the Koopgoot in Rotterdam, in the covered area below the Coolsingel. I saw the little one behind the table. I am always looking for interesting scenes with street dogs and I saw the potential with the big boots and the shiny barstools. It looked like the dog guards the shopping bag. I went on my knees. I always use the tiltable LCD screen of my Olympus OMD camera and that works very good with low point of view photos like this.The dog was trembling very much so I took some shots and said goodbye to him ;-)”

So as you can see just follow the stream and inspiration will come itself.

There are still many month of contest ahead and can participate yourself. Next to it you will have a chance to see all winning photos at our RAW Streetphoto Gallery exhibition the following summer 2018!

We want to thank you for the great great submission of photos. RAW Streetphoto Gallery is very proud for you interest. Follow the new contest subject, participate, select your photography and be the winner.

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