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Fokko Muller - new Instagram winner of RAW Contest.

Fokko Muller winning photography

RAW Streetphoto Gallery is happy to announce official winner of

Fokko Muller.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery Contest is taking part in the Instagram every month. You are selecting by liking the works of photographers. Every month we designate a new subject. And each month photographers are sending their works with #rawstreetphotogallery, that they would like to put on the contest.

Month of July we have proposed for your judgement the works of photographers with subjects "Shadows". Even though it is very simple and daily subject we think it is quite heavy to find out the new aspect of it. Such a rich history and big masters were exploring it. But us and world is changing and shadows are following it.

We are very glad that such a big master of street photography Fokko Muller has decided to take part in our contest. And we are delighted to announce him the winner with a wonderful work he has submitted.

At the end of RAW Contest you are able to see this work at the Exhibition with all other Winners! Keep following us and vote for your favourite photos.

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