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Streets of Porto. Nuno Cruz

Streets of Porto. Exhibition by Nuno Cruz in RAW Streetphoto Gallery Rotterdam

On Saturday, February 25th, we will welcome Nuno Cruz to the RAW Streetphoto Gallery. The exhibition entitled 'Streets of Porto' features stunningly intricate black and white street photography of Porto, Portugal's second largest city.

Nuno Cruz was born and bred in a small city in Portugal. He developed a love for photography while living and studying in Porto. In his own words, Cruz is driven by the discovery of new cultures, daily rituals and the unsuspected behaviours of people on the streets. Nuno Cruz currently resides in Amsterdam. "I think the people who dedicate themselves to photography have a common goal in mind, and that is to see better than everyone else. We hunt, like a hungry predator, that perfect shot that will encapsulate meaning, beauty and soul. We seek to create images that can inspire a sense of wonder and bestow upon the viewers, the wish they were there themselves and have seen as we did, a place, a person or a happening. Such is my mission towards the city of Porto."

To learn more about Nuno Cruz, please visit

Additional information Date: 25 February 2017 Location: West-Kruiskade 51D, 3014 AL Rotterdam Time: 16:00 - 19:00 Entrance: Free Facebook event:

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