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Rotterdam Photo 2018.jpg

Rotterdam Photo Festival

February 2018


Alexa Moon (Ru)

by Alexa Moon

"My journey in photography started at the age of 19. That was the time when my whole family passed away. That moment I decided that life is too short and I must do things that really matter.


I was studying political science before. But after that wake-up call, I changed my life and came to Europe to follow my new philosophy. Art helped me a lot to survive the darkest days in my life and these philosophical findings I try to express within my works.


The tragedy in my life built me as an artist. Because of my past, I am trying to find the true beauty and the meaning of life which is full of injustice. In my artistic mission, I am trying to bring a message to people: stay conscious about given time and embrace the beauty around.


In my photography, I create my own world with my own rules. My invented world reveals the true fillings hidden inside of us. In my imagined world, I am asking the viewer important questions: what is the fear, what is loneliness, what is the essence of life? How to see the truth in the world full of false?"

Alexandra Striapunina, Fear.jpg
Alexandra Striapunina, Religion.jpg
Alexandra Striapunina, Loneliness.jpg
Alexandra Striapunina, Spread Love.jpg





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