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RAW Contest 2020

RAW Streetphoto Gallery
Rotterdam Photo Festival

Rules for RAW Contest Participation

8 months - 4 photographers



Contest starts in April 2020.

Every two months there is a new winner.

End of Contest 2020 is in November 2020.


Beginning of each two months we announce the new subject of Contest starting April 2020. Further you will have six weeks to prepare your submission.

After the end of submission period, the jury of RAW Contest will have two weeks to make a decision about the winner. 



The winning photographer will have:

  • Group exhibition at Rotterdam Photo Festival 2021

  • Exhibited at our gallery special event 

  • Being featured on our gallery website

  • Covered by our social media during all contest period


Nevertheless, all applicants will have a chance to be part of our social media feature.


Check the participation steps below

to have more information about contest rules. 



Submitted artworks shall be photography based and not limited by place, style and time. 

Next to the submission you must include the descriptive statement of the artwork.

You can submit the following works:

  • Single photography

  • Series of photography

Participation steps:


Step 1 - Announcement of the topic

Gallery announces the topic / theme of the new contest period. You have 6 weeks to submit your photography or series of works to our email account.

Step 2 - Submission

During the given 6 weeks, you should prepare your application.

The application includes:

  • Photography based artwork

  • Artwork statement

  • Payment confirmation of entry fee

Fees for participation:

  • Single photography 15 Eur

  • Series of photography (max 4 works) 40 Eur


Email to send the application:

Payment options:

15 Eur:



40 Eur:


Submission fee is nonrefundable. 


Step 3 - Announcement of the winner

Two weeks after the end of the submission period, gallery experts will make the decision. All participants will be notified by personal email and provided with decision motivation at the end of this period.


The winner photographer can participate only once.

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Details about the third theme (deadline and subject)

you can find here!

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