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RAW Contest 2019

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1st month - "At the back yard"


@bonaventuraduall - 1st Winner of RAW Contest 2019

Barcelona based photographer Bonaventura Durall under Instagram name


“[Not without my camera] is one of my life premises, and even in my most idle and restful moments I accomplish this. I was lying on my towel besides the tennis club swimming pool when my daughter attention was caught by her big cousin, who was calling her from behind the wooden fence. I waited as they approached and was happy to see that their only aim was to reach each otheer, to feel the touch of their hands in a subtle way..."


2nd month - "Building the city"


@eli_gomeza - 2nd Winner of RAW Contest 2019

Photographer Elisa Gómez Arias under Instagram name @eli_gomeza (@textura_y_contraste)

"The photograph was taken in Medellín, Colombia, one spring afternoon. Being anarchitecture student has given me a certain fascination for the construction of thecity. After an unfortunate event in a building in the city where the crane brokedown, the image was the perfect representation of the construction and growth of acity. Imperfect, beautiful, alive and dead..."


3rd month - "Travel the world"


@moni_163 - 3rd Winner of RAW Contest 2019

Spanish photographer Mònica Ponce Màrquez under Instagram name @moni_163

"My photo was taking in San Juan de Gasztelugatxe, Bermeo, in a spring day. It is a wonderful place, green and blue mixed, and 241 stairs...They seem to reach the sky..."


4th month - "City Horizons"


@mylovelyviews - 4th Winner of RAW Contest 2019

Spanish photographer Marta Contreras under Instagram name @mylovelyviews

"I am from Barcelona, an architecture photography lover. I don't usually take photos from important buildings, just love to photograph the ones that usually people don't see or don't put a lot of attention on them. Another vision from my City and surrounding areas..."


5th month - "City Childhood"


@alpqwerty - 5th Winner of RAW Contest 2019

Alp Peker from Turkey under Instagram name @alpqwerty

"It's a photograph combining two interesting subjects. Children and sexuality. There is so much social ethical inhibition. We never teach kids about sexuality, only saying there are inappropriate things to do. We say showing skin is inappropriate. Social media has its own policy against pictures of male, female, children body and its becoming even more strict. We are teaching kids how to apply to the rules of societal norms..."


6th month - "City Geometry"


@lida_houkes_whateyesee - 6th Winner of RAW Contest 2019

Dutch photographer Lida Houkes under Instagram name @lida_houkes_whateyesee

"In July we went to Liège for a city-trip with friends. Our hotel was in the neighborhood of the train-station Guillemins (designed by Calatrava). 

One morning I rose early to go out on my own to take pictures of this beautiful station. Outside the station are these huge arcades..."


7th month - "City in action"


@bink.pic - 7th Winner of RAW Contest 2019

Ashley Binkowski from Chicago under Instagram name @bink.pic

"I was studying in Prague, Czech Republic for the spring semester and I had a photography class that day. We were analyzing long exposure photographs which inspired me to go out and try right after all of my classes ended..."


8th month - "Street Art"


@merum___ - 8th Winner of RAW Contest 2019

Marios Vrenozis from Greece under Instagram name @merum___

"My name is Marios Vrenozis known as "Merum", I am 31 and I live in Athens, Greece, I am a graduate Electrical and Technological Engineer and nowadays I work in the urban office in me Athens municipal.

Starting photography almost 5 years ago and getting better day to day I had some pictures promoted to some great street photography magazines and webs.

This photograph was taken on a random no-photowalk day..."


What was it about?


8 months - 8 photographers - 3 International Exhibitions.


We started new Contest in March 2019.


Beginning of each month we announced the new subject of Contest starting March 2019. Further participants had two weeks to prepare your black&white and color work and post to Instagram using our hashtag.


Then Gallery team selected 7 works which we posted in our Instagram feed. The winner photography was chosen based on the highest quantity of likes after 4 weeks.


The winners will be exhibited at Rotterdam Photo Festival and at Gloss Gallery (Tel Aviv), at RAW Streetphoto Gallery (Rotterdam) and, of course, featured by RAW Streetphoto Gallery.

Rotterdam Photo Festival 2020

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