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1st month - July 2018: "Lost identity" 
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Dutch photographer Owen Schumacher under Instagram name @schumacherowen.


"I was making pictures at the Boulevard in Scheveningen when this man came running by. I walked on and reached Beelden aan Zee, a statue exhibition at the boulevard near the beach and all of a sudden I saw this runner with the glasses resting for a while. It looked as if he just had a battle with this ferocious dog or monster so I decided to catch this special moment."


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2nd month - August 2018: "Final destination" 

Dutch photographer Bill Stegers under Instagram name @bills.photos.


"I had acquired the zoom lens on the secondhand market recently and was going out for a walk in the neighborhood to test it out. I usually only use prime lenses with the Fuji so I wasn't really sure what to expect. As I stepped out of the door it even started to rain lightly. This was going to be a short photo walk for sure! I frantically looked around for something interesting to shoot and that is when I saw this sad dog silently staring out of one of the balconies of the apartment building just across the street. I quickly forgot about the rain, dialed in my settings, composed the shot at 55mm and the rest is history as they say."


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3rd month - September 2018: "Meeting Point" 
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Dutch photographer Sjoerd Stuurman under Instagram name @streetphotography_nl.


"I was on the hunt for nice street photos in The Hague. Then I saw this couple sitting with their shopping bags in perfect alignment. There were seagulls on the hunt as well. They are always looking for food and are pretty much used to people. They even become quite fresh so now and then. So I waited for them to sit down and make the picture even more interesting. I used the time given to do some more camera adjustments. Then suddenly they landed and how lucky I was! They put themselves in the perfect picture. It was two, two and two. Like they knew they sat down and stayed completely still."


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4th month - October 2018: "Gentrification" 

Japanese photographer Ryo Nishi under Instagram name @sera_camera.


"This picture was taken in a certain town in Shiga Prefecture of Japan. It is a house that surrounds a narrow alley and it is a house, which seems to be the residence of people by flowing in at first glance, but it is different. These are houses of people who originally lived here. A smart interchange of a highway will be constructed soon in this area, so air of such a quiet alley may not be seen anymore. I felt the spiritual isolation and loneliness from the alley between these houses and photographed it over the highway which Ironically already passed. "


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5th month - November 2018: "Lost in the city" 

French photographer Jerome Meunier under Instagram name @jay_jay_panam.


"I took this picture on a sweet summer night some time after buying my first Leica "Q". A small exit to test the device and also because I have a lot of city at night. It goes so much thing and the atmosphere so special at night. The bir-Hakeim bridge is one of the most amblematic bridges in Paris. The fact of taking it at night allows to have it empty. The fact of taking the picture to lie on the ground reinforces the point of view and that symmetry to us to mount another facet of this bridge."


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6th month - December 2018: "Family reunion" 
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Philippine photographer Alvin Mendoza under Instagram name @thankyouvince.


"There was a festival in Cebu that time called Sinulog festival in which we acquired during Spanish colonization where people celebrate in honor of one of their saints namely Sto. Nino. During this festival, people wear colorful costumes and gather in a place for a street dance. 


I borrowed a 35mm lens from a friend and at that moment, I started falling in love with the lens and street photography. 


While walking on the street with the prime lens i borrowed. I point and shoot everything I see that interests me. One of them is this very touching photo."


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