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RAW Contest 2017


June 2017: "Portraits on the Street" 
@monoursguimave - Winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

French photographer Laurence Peuch under Instagram name @monoursguimave.



Further Laurence has revealed that at the photography is shown another photograph that Laurence has met at the international photography event at Bievres. Unforeseen meeting, wonderful instante and the great shot! Perfect example of the moment importance.

Plus to it the wonderful eye of the photographer, capable capturing the sensation of the moment, respecting the composition rules and colour balance.


July 2017: "Shadows"
Fokko Muller - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

Dutch photographer Fokko Muller under Instagram name @fokkomuller.


Fokko deservedly won this month. His work got more likes than others. In his photo the shadows play very well, and the composition with the bike and the walking man came out great. The angle for the photograph was chosen very successfully and professionally.

August 2017: "Animals on the streets"
@fabiopetry and @fokkomuller
Fabio Petry - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

One more time Dutch photographer Fokko Muller under Instagram name @fokkomuller.


His short story: "This photo is taken at the Koopgoot in Rotterdam, in the covered area below the Coolsingel. I saw the little one behind the table. I am always looking for interesting scenes with street dogs and I saw the potential with the big boots and the shiny barstools. It looked like the dog guards the shopping bag. I went on my knees. I always use the tiltable LCD screen of my Olympus OMD camera and that works very good with low point of view photos like this.The dog was trembeling very much so I took some shots and said goodbye to him ;-)"

Brazilian photographer Fabio Petry under Instagram name @fabiopetry.

"This photo was taken on a Sunday, in an old coal plant in my city (Porto Alegre / Brazil). The place is called Gasômetro. The plant has been inactive for decades and has been transformed into a cultural center. It is the symbol of my city. During the weekends it is very crowded because it is a large public leisure space.
I walk around often because it's a very photogenic place." - that's what Fabio told us about the shot.

Fokko Muller - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery
September 2017: "Rooftops"
Fabio Petry - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

Brazilian photographer Fabio Petry under Instagram name @fabiopetry.

To describe the work we have asked Fabio to tell us more about the place and the subject of the work: “I took this photo on our vacation in September this year in New York. We were walking on Battery Park City Esplanade when I saw the umbrellas of a restaurant at Brookfield Place. I went exploring the place and got a series of interesting pictures with the umbrellas and the people in the surroundings”.

October 2017: "Kids emotions on the street"
@mirjamrosa and @hermes2402

One more time Dutch photographer Mirjam Rosa under Instagram name @mirjamrosa.


That's what she told us: "This picture ('A child's world') is very important for me. It was one of the first times I went out for streetphotography. And it was taken at central station in The Hague.
Every adult was so busy! With their cell phones, in hurry for the train, running around. This little girl was the only one who noticed me. She stood right in the sunlight. A magical moment. That time I realized streetphotography is a special thing to do. Now I can't live without it anymore!"

Luis Vasconcelos - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery
Mirjam Rosa - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

Portuguese photographer Luis Vasconcelos under Instagram name @hermes2402.


Luis: "I took this photo in a park after a football game between kids after school. Usually they go there together to play, together.
In the end I asked to celebrate the victory for the photo, and they did it with a great complicity with me.
I am a retired photojournalist, and, now that I own my Time, I love to walk around with my camera, taking candid street photos."

November 2017: "Autumn in the city"
Goran Pavletic - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

Croatian photographer Goran Pavletic under Instagram name @goran.pavletic.bnw.

He named his pisture "Padova Bridge".
"I captured this photo in winter, at the end of 2016 in Padova. I was spending time in Venice a few days where I was working on my mini project Venice by Night, and one morning I decided to have a trip to Padova which is one hour drive from Venice. When I parked my car I turned around and see this bridge which seems so fairytale to me. I was waiting a few minutes and then this passenger came.

When I came home I forgot about that shot and editing my Venice series which I was very satisfied how’s look. I have got a few awardes for this series.
Nine months later I serched something in my Venice folder and then I noticed this photo from Padova. I realized it is also very nice shot and I put it on social media with great feedbacks from followers. After all this photo was participated on my solo exhibition in Zagreb."

December 2017: "Street Lighting"
Patrice Gandin - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

French photographer Patrice Gandin under Instagram name @patrice_bnw.

"This photo was taken in the old district of Orlean. It was a winter time, the moment when the night was fallen fast. The people were returning home after long working day. I had a feeling that they were much in a hurry. That exact moment there was a bit strange feeling but which did not stress much "twilight".

I made this picture with my iPhone. I was standing at the strategic point, waiting for the moment to come, and when it was there... i have done it."

January 2018: "Holiday mood"
Maria Melo - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

Another one Portuguese photographer Maria Melo under Instagram name @darevskia.


The title of the photo is "About Christmas".
"What I like more about the photo is the Christmassy feeling it brings if you look at it attentively: the stars from the store window look like snow falling into the mom's umbrella, and the kid is placed right after the Christmas tree, looking up at her mom in tiptoes, as if asking if Santa is actually real and will bring her that special gift that she's been wanting for so long.
The funny thing is that I actually took this picture after Christmas day.
A few days before I had noticed that someone with an umbrella would look great under the stars of the window, and tried out some shots, but nothing with significance came through.
In the day I took this picture, I was returning home from work and I happened to have the camera in my hands. As soon I arrived to that street (the picture was taken from the opposite side of the street), I looked straight ahead and saw both the mom and the kid in a perfect position and I had to shoot immediately - the settings were not as I wished (ISO too high) - but I had a split second to shoot, or else I got nothing. It was shot from the waist, and I had to crop it to frame it properly."

February 2018: "Patterns in the city"

Italian photographer Giuseppe Cagnetta under Instagram name @giu.cagnetta.

His short story: "It was a winter Sunday. I had tried all afternoon to capture some interesting shots in my little city. But that day my booty was very poor! The sun quickly fell, and on way back home, suddenly a place, that I usually consider anonymous, appears to me in a completely different perspective. The road free from parked cars, cones of light very clean and intense, a written “Copisteria Farini”, almost cinematic. the lowered gate.
A sense of metallic geometric. And then the old lady with her little dog. A sense of vague loneliness, but also a sense of familiarity.
I was about 15-20 meters I accelerate the step to get closer and put myself in front of the scene. He had no knowledge of the impostings. I was in diaphragm priority, and maybe the ISO automatically. I took a shot.One, two, three timesI was not convinced of the goodness of the shots. Too much noise I thought.
It will be wrong, I thought. At home adjusting the composition I realized that those feelings that I had in front of the image, were confirmed, especially with the transition in black and white, where the accentuation of the contrast, helped me to enhance the cone of lights and the lines of the gate."

Giuseppe Cagnetta - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery
March 2018: "Street fashion"
David Monceau - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

French photographer David Monceau under Instagram name @davidmonceau.

"It was February 2017 in Lisbon, it had been raining a lot during a couple days, then in the middle of the afternoon sunshine came back for a while and this Elegant Gentleman passed by. He had style and something special in his eyes. The kind of feeling I wanna capture on photograph." 

April 2018: "True love"
Sjoerd Stuurman - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

Dutch photographer Sjoerd Stuurman under Instagram name @the_bench_nl and another more famous account @streetphotography_nl

"Hat day, April 1, I went to Sail Kampen.
It's an annual boating and sail event.
Of course I took my Fuji X with me. Then I saw that couple sitting on a Bench (as I always look for benches).
They were tollaly in love and the right subject for a nice streetphoto.
I wanted to go around but then they would not have looked like a couple in love anymore and it would not have been spontaneous anymore. So I decided to take a rear shot. What you see is the result."

May 2018: "Happiness"
Sandra Jonkers - winner of RAW Contest 2017/18 of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

Dutch photographer Sandra Jonkers under Instagram name @sandrajonkersstreets.

Sandra is the great street photographer. She is only one who showed in the last month of RAW Contest a dog, a pet. She got more likes than anyone else on that month for her extremely happy doggy finally running for a walk.

What was it about?

Our first RAW Contest took place on Instagram and began in June 2017 and lasted a whole year until June 2018.


The Contest's rules were very simple:
*Every beginning of the month we announced a theme for photographs we would like to see this month;
*We asked to put our hashtag #rawstreetphotogallery on all works of participants to see all of them;
*We posted one work every day for a week;
*Then we waited until the next month and summed up the previous one. That street photograph, that got more likes, became a winner.


The main prize for all the winners of all the months is participation in the final exhibition of RAW Contest at 16th June 2018 at RAW Streetphoto Gallery.


Below you can find all our winners with all the themes of this year.

Many thanks to all participants and to everyone who followed and voted for the best works! 
We will be happy to see you on our next RAW Contest 2018.
Stay tuned!