Collaboration with CuratorLove
CuratorLove is comprised of various art professionals from all over the globe, with unique art backgrounds and expertise; new parnter of RAW Streetphoo Gallery

Erika Hirugami, Founder & CEO of CuratorLove, and Alexey Shifman, Director of RAW Streetphoto Gallery, are proud to announce their new partnership. 


CuratorLove + RAW Streetphoto Gallery converging, will provide larger international exposure for both entities, and seek greater opportunities for our affiliates.


This partnership is a global convergence, focusing on the medium of photography, which will highlight various aesthetic practices through curatorial projects at the cities of

Los Angeles (United States). Mexico City (Mexico), London (United Kingdom), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Tel Aviv (Israel), Hong Kong  (China), and Seoul (South Korea). 


Our introductory project for this partnership scheduled to debut toward the end of the year will highlight the aesthetic practices of the following artists: