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Black Soil
Vladimir Radujkov Pin Cushions
 Vladimir Radujkov (Rotterdam)

Pin Cushions
Lisandro Suriel (St. Maarten)

Ghost Island
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Annick van Santen (NL)
Julia Gat (FR)

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Jake Kelly (NL)
Miroslav Cukovic (Au)
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Liviu Bulea (RO)
Ferdows Faghir (NL)
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Celine Pannetier (Esp)
The Straw Conspiracy
let the lonely shells dream
Youri Cayron (Fr)
Romain Rivalan (Fr)
Let the lonely Shells Dream
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Mart von Loeben
Art curator of Chrysalid Gallery
Marth von Loeben (Martina Tosi as asper her given name) graduated in 2017 from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam with a Bachelor degree in photography. She was born and grew up in Italy, where the first passion and interest for art caught her and pushed her to start experimenting with photography since she was 15 years old. After finishing high school, she decided to study further this visual medium outside of her native country: not only because she felt that she had very little opportunities there to develop as she wanted, but also to experience a country that had a very different approach to higher education. During her studies at the academy, she got involved in the world and in the market of contemporary art, and she decided to explore it further during her semester of internship. 
Those six months were spent at Cinnnamon (a contemporary gallery in Rotterdam) being an all-round assistant to the owner and the artists who exhibited there. She had the possibility to participate in various art fairs, seeing the different methods of working from the artists during the build-up, learning practical skills in regards to managing the physical space of the gallery and especially gaining inside knowledge in the maze of contemporary art.
She remained absolutely fascinated and decided to pursue a career in that field. In order to get a better feeling of the many facets of contemporary art and its institutions, she also decided to participate in an educational program at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art, where she organized -along with a group of students- public events relevant for the community and the institution. 
After her graduation, she decided to stay in the contemporary art world and started working at RAW Streetphoto Gallery and now at Chrysalid Gallery as a curator. In the past year, she had the chance to put her knowledge and experience to good use and to gain more by trying out new things and experimenting with different methodologies of work. She succeeded in showing controversial subjects such as death, war and pain and in her second season at the gallery plans to include more critical matters and continuously improve the approach to the artists she curates and their work.