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Liviu Bulea

Artist Statement

My art is closely connected to the place where I am, and the experiences that place offers me. I consider myself a collector, I collect stories, memories of the places and people around. 

I can be considered “a social practise installation artist”. I recover seemingly useless material fragments that come from precise contexts. The hospital’s wall where I was treated when I had cancer (“About white”), the city’s sidewalk where I had grown up, and pieces of concrete from a mall that was built over a community.

My staging mechanism is very deep and requires further research. The concrete dust covering my hometown is transformed into a painting or sculpture that recalls the trauma of a community deeply affected by post-revolutionary changes in Romania. In Turda, when it rained, the vegetables turned into concrete because of the cement dust expelled in the atmosphere by the nearby factory.

I depict the traumatic process into an emotion- making installation that creates unusual attention to some social processes lost in selective memory.


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