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Duo exhibition Language of rage


           Iiris Sointu (Finland, the Netherlands)

           Riccardo de Vecchi (Italy, the Netherlands)

December 2018

The exhibition is the curatorial show of Marth Von Loeben.

The show features the sculpture of Iiris Sointu (Finland, lives and works in Rotterdam) and photography of Riccardo de Vecchi (Italy, lives and works in Rotterdam).

This will be the first exhibition of the new hybrid season at RAW Streetphoto Gallery, which aims to bring and combine different media in the showing space.

"Language of Rage" will create a dialogue between the towering work by Iiris Sointu and the defiant visual language of Riccardo De Vecchi: spatial and wall art will come together in order to give a distinctive experience to the viewer, who will have to readjust their senses around the artworks.

Iiris Sointu


In my final project for “Bachelor of Fine Arts” I am creating a visual object from a non-existing entity. I am exploring violent thoughts, chaos that resides inside where only anxiety, panic, anger or obsessive thoughts would occur.


I have chosen to depict the emotions roaming inside us by using a form that could be related to that of an octopus, the wild, smoothly moving and ever changing animal. The emotions take a visual form in my work, and present themselves as a clump that takes over the room by spreading its ”tentacles” across the space. The same way that emotions take over sometimes, even if we try to occupy our minds with whatever instead. There is a sense of relief in that form, however, because it can also retract to the tiniest space if needed, much like an octopus hides from his predators by sliding itself into a cave.

But rather than mystifying the emotions, I want to bring light to the transformative nature of them. While the mass can look like a dangerous, strong opponent, it is still a moving, changing entity that adapts to its surroundings and can be closed in a small box if wanted.

Riccardo de Vecchi

Rotterdam Postcards

Rotterdam Postcards is an ongoing project originated by a personal exploration of a new environment, one which is very different from the background of photographer Riccardo de Vecchi as an expat. Rotterdam’s vibrant atmosphere is a vivid example of a city in rapid expansion, which is also adding to its already “hard to catch” identity. Its puzzle of industrial heritage and experimental architecture creates an image of a city that is rather “interesting” than beautiful.

Rotterdam Postcards is an attempt to research an aesthetic identity of the city, by capturing what is the beauty of Rotterdam from a personal point of view. At the same time, this series explores those areas and corners usually left out from the path of both citizens and visitors.​

Chrysalid Gallery


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