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DESTRUCTION is the new collaboration of the US-based CuratorLove and Dutch - Israeli art platform RAW Streetphoto Gallery. For each year starting 2019, we will bring together different artists into one big curatorial exhibition. Together we want to create a new understanding and deeper vision of the selected subject of the group show.


The full rotation of the exhibition around the world will create “circle” of the shows. Each year we make a new circle of exhibitions. The first circle 2019 named Destruction. For the inaugural exhibition Circle 2019 we have selected the artist from different countries and different photography styles. Sans Serif (Israel), Zakaria Wakrim (Morocco), Edgar Kim (USA / South Korea ) and Hector Jimenez (Mexico).


The inspiration for the exhibition Destruction is coming from the most important law of physics: the law of energy preservation. It says that no energy is coming from nowhere and no energy is going nowhere, but instead, it changes its form and shape. The human society is developing following the law of physics. The energy preservation law is visible daily: the heritage from the previous generations or the past time. The old resources that surround us came to the decay and in-turn bring the new sources for the future development. The deconstructed past serves as a base for building our present that further becomes our future. The reflection about the material world destruction is the inspiration for the exhibition Circle 2019. With the first circle exhibition, we want to look at the different angles to our past.


The exhibition proposes to look to the destruction of the past times and look further what our present time may become in the future. We want to ask the questions about how the heritage from the past influences us today, try to see with the artists' eyes the result of the change and to imagine what will it be with our heritage for the world in the future.

Global agenda

02 March 2019


16 May 2019

Tel Aviv

July 2019

Los Angeles

September 2019

Mexico City

November 2019

Hong Kong

December 2019


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Zakaria Wakrim

Photography is sort of a witness, a lyrical Way to be presented. It allows you to stand back and see further, to grasp the shape of things. To extract emotional content from a visual frame.

Hector Jimenez

Jimenez’ work is influenced by intuition, chance and the use of biographical modes surfacing from the body as a catalyst and mediator of experiences, context and knowledge. 

Edgar kim

Bilingual, bicultural fine art photographer based in California. I recently received a Master of Fine Arts degree at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA where I earned bachelor's degree in Professional Photography.

Sans Serif

Photography is a way to bring typography to the real life. Through embracing and mimicking the curve of a character with a help of a model the artist recreates a new reality – human typography

Curated by


Erika Hirugami is the Founder and CEO of CuratorLove. As a Getty Foundation Scholar and a Kress Foundation Fellow she has formed a part of various curatorial teams at museums and galleries across the United States and Mexico. 


Alexey Shifman is the Artistic Director of RAW Streetphoto Gallery and Gloss Gallery. He has created international creative teams to support careers of emerging artists around the world

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