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In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, Chrysalid Gallery introduces the Flash Sales. The Lockdown is preventing art lovers to visit the gallery and consume artistic endeavor. The Flash Sales presents a first-time opportunity to buy art from our represented artist online - something we usually only proceed on the art-fairs or the gallery.

Natalia Grezina

Natalia Grezina is a Crimean artist that concentrates on a constant dialogue with the many aspects of existence and aims to find a reconciliation between society, individuals, and nature. Her aim is to find a common language between these three elements through the feminine medium of embroidery, which characterizes her practice in the strongest way.  For Natalia, embroidery Is a serious practice: even though its connotation to the female world has always played against. This medium enables her to include an emotional component into the objects through the use of colors and gore aesthetics. The objects she creates through embroidery are made of both organic and artificial materials: polyethylene is her modern canvas.


Wounds like communicating vessels.

polyethylene, beads, thread, wool

Varies from 2x1,5 cm to 6x14 cm

Object (3 wounds together) 19x17 cm


In this object, everything is all the way around: knots and threads stick out, the front side is hidden inside, so that no one will ever see it. And the inside is here, it sprouts through the walls and spreads its roots. What is entrails and what is skin? Little house with moldy walls.

polyethylene, beads, thread, wool

18x7,5x7,5 cm


Heart is a universal symbol that is woven into the culture of humanity. At the moment there are only 22 hearts, but I hope that in the future thousands of these will find their owners.

polyethylene, beads, sequins, thread, cotton wool

14,5x14 cm

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This particular crisis asks for special opportunities, such as the Flash Sales from the online sales of the A-grade artworks of Natalia Grezina. These will only be available for five weeks. 


Art piece from my serie "Patience", where I combine herbarium and polyethylene. Every plant is sewn up between two polyethylene pieces. This metaphor of how the urban environment and nature coexist with each other.

polyethylene, beads, thread, flower


The bones from the series "People Think They Are Better Than Grass"

polyethylene, beads, sequins, thread, cotton wool

18,5x5,5 cm

22x6,5 cm

28,5x8,5 cm

If you have any questions, or you wish to receive more detailed documentation from the works of Grezina, please do not hesitate to email us.

We expect the crisis to finish soon, but meanwhile, Chrysalid aspires to keep on presenting, supporting, and engaging with the artistic audiences.

During the upcoming weeks we will add different selections of works by other artists.

Stay tuned and keep safe!