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Chrysalid gallery makes the photo exhibition every month and a half. It is accompanied with many art events and photographers meet-ups. 

The main tasks of the gallery consists out of working with artist, selecting works, make graphic preparations, design and print of brochures, promotion of the events, creation and sending of invitations, opening of the show and finally running the exhibition.

All mentioned organizational work has a high financial cost that is heavy to handle for a small organization. Thus we are calling for your help and support!  Your donation is crucial for our sustainable development.

With the raised money of crowd funding for Chrysalid Gallery, you will not only help to realize our idea of the art platform, but have enough of financial resources to support all necessary materials, equipment, preparative work and promotions.


With your donation you will help new talents to emerge, have a chance to share their works directly with public and get recourses to accommodate bigger projects.