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Natalia Grezina

Natalia Grezina

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is a constant dialogue with the many aspects of existence and aims to find a reconciliation between society, individuals and nature. My aim is to find a common language between these three elements through the feminine medium of embroidery, which characterises my practice in the strongest way.

For me, embroidery is a serious practice: even though its connotation to the female world has always played against it, it’s a specific medium that allows me to combine different materials together and -at the same time- to include an emotional component into the objects through the use of
colours and gore aesthetics.


My research is driven by my will to create an ecosystem where humans and nature are but one symbiotic thing. This primal drive derived from my first batch of studies at the Moscow State University, which were focused on geography and -more specifically- social ecology. Lately, I have started to incorporate memory in my research and practice, both as a subject and as a tool, which allows me to appeal to the influence of my past over my personality and my work. The past becomes a personal narrative, the emotional side of history which is often overlooked and unjustly dismissed.

The individual and collective history I analyse in my work have a double nature: their distressing character surfaces in my production as love for the macabre and its medieval aesthetics; and my upbringing in the digital era combines them with the narrative of simplified illustration, adding a taste from pop- culture. The resulting art pieces want to highlight the fragility and mortality of human beings: gore objects that show how death
is part of the human psyche and has a role of speculative force in the life of individuals.


The objects I create through embroidery are made of both
organic and artificial materials: polyethylene is my modern canvas, which gets filled with soft cotton and is sealed with woollen thread and polished beads. They are a metaphor of human nature: even though we might
be surrounded by a hard, manufactured layer, we always have something soft on the inside.And always a story to tell.


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