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Each of us is now a witness of the war in Ukraine. We see how the memory of everyday tragic events is shaped differently for different people. But besides the numerous testimonies of people, nature will also remember everything. It also witnesses human suffering and for many years after the war it will keep the terrible remnants of this war inside.
Destruction, fires, explosions, bombings, trenches - all this impacts the soil, which every day absorbs more and more corpses of the innocent and the fighting people. Unexploded mines and bombs will remind of themselves in the future, even after the end of the war. Abandoned military equipment rips the landscape like rotten teeth. Blood cools down, turns into stone and forms another layer of miserable human history. Today it is crucial to join our efforts in fighting the climate crisis, but political leaders are rattling nuclear weapons, and trying to satisfy their imperial ambitions,
continuing to destroy our planet, together with our lives. The violence  must be stopped now! Violence against people, animals, every Ukrainian tree, grass and even a small bug. The soil groans and turns black from blood and destruction. Will it forgive?





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