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Natalia Grezina (UKR/NL) Kendall Ross (US)

Martina Farrugia (MLT/NL)

10 - 22 December 2022

What is the difference between the arts and crafts? Chrysalid Gallery's new exhibition Art vs Craft asks what does the art world discriminate against: the medium, the message or the artist?

Why is photorealism art, but lace-making that requires the same level of diligence not?
Why is knitting for grandmas and action painting for serious men? Is it because one requires patience and other physical force?

Artists and activist are claiming the art field and argue for the inclusion of craft into the art world. Art vs Craft exhibition is an intersection between the two, displaying pieces by Natalia Grezina, working with embroidery and fibre art, Kendall Ross, working with knit and print and Martina Farrugia, working with ceramics and bookmaking.

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