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RAW Gallery Rotterdam (currently known as Chrysalid Gallery) was born in 2016 to foster a new vision of photography by exhibiting and supporting new and upcoming talents. The artists that we have showed during four years - have challenged their perspectives regarding the medium of photography and the environment that they chose to portray, in order to produce fresh and daring work. 

On our side, we created the opportunity and possibility for them to be discovered both by Dutch and international collectors by participating in art fairs and photography festivals. Currently, in the Dutch artistic landscape, we are the only gallery that focuses specifically on the emerging genre of photography only.


In 2018 we have opened the second gallery in Tel Aviv (Israel). Thanks to two gallery platforms we have created not only the place to show contemporary photography, but an international bridge connecting Europe and Middle East. 

2019 RAW Gallery achieved the new level of its development. We share our accumulated knowledge with photographers about working at the photography art market through specialized workshops in Rotterdam, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Athens and Kiev. Starting March 2019 gallery has started the new global exhibition: with the US partner “CuratorLove” , together we bring curatorial exhibition throughout the globe: Rotterdam, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, New York, New Mexico, London and Hong Kong. 

Additionally RAW Gallery has an ambition to participate during 2019 at London Art Fair, the Others (Turino) and Maastricht Photo Festival.


The global exhibition, fairs, festivals and created cycle of curatorial photography workshop permit RAW Streetphoto Gallery not only to achieve the artistic ambitions but to support artists and share the knowledge throughout the world.

the 21st of March 2020 RAW Streetphoto Gallery was renamed Chrysalid Gallery. The new re-emerged version of RAW Streetphoto Gallery ha permit us to embrace new artistic media and exhibition wider range of artists and being even more radical in our curatorial work being Chrysalid.








Jasper Van Orden

Street photography of  Jasper stays at the border between documentary photography, urban photogaraphy, and street view. 

Virginia Zoli

Virginia has evolved her particular way to observe the world and to transfer her point of view to the photography. 

Sandip Bose

Sandip is a very talented photographer from India. To rediscover the daily routine of his Kalcouta and go step by step following his photography, makes it so irresistible to interesting to watch

Marcel Van Oostrom

Marcel has a very tender touch in his street photography. Show the life and see the optimism even in abandoned places. Feeling of melancholia is strongly present in his works.    

Chris Moret

Chris has a beautiful vision to make the photography:

catch the instant at the daily routine, the instant that changes the daily boredom and reveals the beauty of each moment.  

Xavier Benech

My practice has at its core the personal and human approach I take while exploring a new place. At the same time, the emotions and individuality of the portraits I make, are strongly influenced by my love for cinematic photography.

Dirk Hardy

His staged photographic images aim to challenge the viewer to slowly break through the stylized surface and connect with the narrative and often critical elements in the works. 

Jorg Robbert

His themes are less about the city but the developing urban organism, the city as stage and action field for people who have entrusted themselves to it. It is not about the view of the city, in with architecture and city landscape or tourist sights are predominant, but the many-layered and fleeting life of the city.

Jurgen Burgin

His works have been exhibited at South Street Seaport Museum in New York, at Fotogalerie Friedrichshain in Berlin, at Galerie Lardon in Ahrenshoop, at Deutsche Bank in Berlin-Charlottenburg, at Galerie Aspekt in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, at Art Fair Cologne, at Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg, at Galerie im Saalbau in Berlin, and at Galerie seifert lardon in Berlin.

John R. Pepper

John traveled in the streets and byways of youth, finding dramatic, enlightened faces in the theater of life… His reportage is filtered through the memory of many great photographers — Diane Arbus, Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank, the first Richard Avedon, and William Klein to name a few... 

Roberto A Cabrera

I am interested in photography as a means of artistic expression. I perceive it as another expressive side in parallel and in dialogue with my writing. 

Mima Chovancova

I compose my pieces as visual colour-poems. Through engaging with lyrics and writing poetry myself as a part of my creative process, I use titles to link my visual language to the emotional world of pop songs. 

James Petermeier

Nuno Cruz

Nuno has the virtuous vision of photography, recreating the streets of Porto with minimum details and catching the most specific angels of the city.

Emersom Miranda

Emersom performed the exciting photography of night Rotterdam. Going into parallel world, mistik lighting and urban world. Together these details creat a fantastic view of a contemoprary city.

Tanu Kallio

Photography of Tanu has incredible style. Inspired by c big masters of photography, he keeps the main line by adjusting his own visit and keeping his moment.

Sandra Jonkers

Sandra is one of the best duct street photographers and it is well deserved. Her photography is easy in composition and very strong in the story. Sandra is speaking with us with her works and that is fantastic 

Hans Warnawa

Main power of Hans photography is to note the details. usually we do not note them and they escape our view, but not for Hans. His works are electrified with strong power of hidden details. 

Alessando Guida

Techtonics of urban structures have their beauty. Photography of Alessandro reveal to us the power and the fragility of concreate constructions surrounding us 

Veronique de  Suerte

Veronique has a great talent to catch the city vibrant energy and transfer it into photography that holds this booming energy and motivates you to search for more inspiration.

Martina von Loeben

Martina is a creative photographer who has a substantial confidence in the photographic medium and its implications, both on a conceptual and a visual level.

Florian Braakman

Florian passion is the submerging into local subculture and document it. Such technique of street photography gives him a lot of strength and original view of the surrounding environment.

Luigi Malatacca

My photography - for the moment - is about the city of Naples, Turin and Milan and about the human beings walking those cities.

Pablo Hernandez

Emerging photographer from Mexico, Huatusco has search of the moment that can create a connection with the viewer and thus can remain in the mind although the years pass and everything continues in movement 

Wen Roks

Interest in photography started at a young age and developed strongly over the years. Living among the French and Spanish Pyrenees, nature is a common subject in her work.

Sans Serif

For Sans Serif photography is a way to bring typography to the real life. Through embracing and mimicking the curve of a character with a help of a model the artist recreates a new reality – human typography.

Iiris Sointu

My creativity stems from a very personal need to put something concrete of myself out in to the world. By working on a piece of art I try to make sense of the world in a way that is most natural to me. There is a freedom in creating that lets me be candidly honest to myself.

Anton Malinovskiy

I began to work with photography from 2016, when started working as a journalist in one of the local media.Since then, I've been shooting straight, social projects and working in other photography genres.

Riccardo de Vecchi

Film photography and its process allow me to explore and establish a relation with the places I visit and the situations I live. 

Youri Cayron

Diplômé de l’École supérieure d’Art de l’Agglomération d’Annecy (ESAAA) en 2008, il s’installe à Marseille pour y poursuivre son travail et y développer un réseau. En 2013 il crée LIFT, un laboratoire artistique de recherche et de diffusion dans lequel il a invité plus de 45 artistes de tout les horizons à présenter leur travail.

Eliaz Dassa

Born in Israel. During my B.ED studies, I created art projects that were directly inspired by Israeli and middle eastern culture, I also immersed myself in the work of Artists from Israel such as The Insomniac City Cycles, 2004, Ran Slavin and the art works of David Adika and Yair Barak. 

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Sandra Jonkers

Sandra Jonkers exhibition at RAW Streetphoto Gallery