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Alice Lucchinelli

Artist Statement

I grew up in a small Italian town, where being who you are is not a thing. Being a woman is a limp; being gay or queer is a taboo.


I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by friends that were willing to challenge those taboos. As they were blossoming in their own personalities and owning their queerness, I found myself completely fascinated by them. Silently, I started recording their lives and immediately they became the characters of my photographic tales.


They crossed the boundaries of our conservative environment, and I am the witness of this small and yet loud revolution. That same environment is rich with classical art, renaissance aesthetic and catholic values, and those patterns are still recognisable in my photographs.


With my practice, I seek to highlight queer issues, femininity, and cultural identity, while trying to make a change, even if small. Photography empowered me and freed me to become my self, even if it is only in a single image.


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