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The peculiarity of the work of Miroslav Cukovic (Serbia/Austria) lies in his sharp ability to look at things from a different perspective: where one would see the eraser on the back of an ordinary pencil purely as a tool to wipe out a mistake, Miroslav  sees the perfect round shape that could be used as a pattern in an unconventional printing approach.

The result of his many unusual approaches to shapes, materials and methods of composition will be presented in their full variegation and bright marvel at his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, which Chrysalid Gallery will host from the 4th of February until the 8th of April 2023.

In this exhibition, both his latest prints and other earlier works will be on show next to two site-specific installations which will play with the columns of the gallery space and change the perception of the room. Visitors will be encouraged to think differently about common objects and lose themselves in the flow of the colourful shapes that Miroslav’s patterns produce.

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