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Chrysalid is a dynamic cocoon aiming at transforming the canons  around contemporary art and its market. It’s a conceptual and experimental gallery based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) that actively promotes and collaborates with young and daring artists  from all over Europe. As a communal platform, Chrysalid wants to give the artists room to experiment, to grow in their vision and to fearlessly portrait reality through the insight of their unique practices. In this metamorphic framework, the individuals behind the idea of the gallery collaborate to reshape and broaden the narratives in contemporary art, making them more inclusive and representative of the multitude of details that existence is made of. Chrysalid is not a showbox. Chrysalid is a pulsating core of transformative energy.

Gallery current exhibition
Liviu Bulea
Ferdows Faghir
21 November 2020 | 16 January 2021

“Man’s history is the story of his wanderings”
Eugene M. Kulischer, Europe on the Move: War and Population Changes, 1917-1947, (1948)


The definition of home varies greatly from person to person. What someone might call their home, could instead be the epitome of persecution and hostility for someone else; and, at the same time, the birthplace of an individual is not necessarily deemed a safe space either.

In the exhibition, both artists are presenting their own definition and interpretation of this concept and the different shapes it can take: concrete, wood, soil, plastic, natural fibres and construction materials are all blended together to tell a tale of two different countries and different experiences.


"The fifteenth edition of Foam Magazine’s Talent issue presents a selection of outstanding artists, each in their own way feeling the pulse of our times. This year’s common, underlying theme is a close, sharp look at one of the most important subjects, the human condition. While being born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, this issue is also a beautiful, hopeful and refreshing statement of the possibilities the photographic medium offers, and the exciting future ahead."

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OPPA is a fine art printing and art digitisation studio in Rotterdam, Holland. We specialise in fine art printing including the printing of exhibitions and editions, digitisation of art works, film scanning and photoshopping.

 Rotterdam Photo Festival

Rotterdam Photo is an annual photo manifestation that takes place during Art Rotterdam Week, where art lovers will have the opportunity to visit numerous art and design events. Located at Deliplein in the Katendrecht district the event celebrates the wide spectrum of photography as it presents itself in our contemporary image culture. Together with the exhibitions at the Nederlands Fotomuseum and the fine art photography fair Haute Photographie, the 'Kop van Zuid' transforms into the one stop hub for photography fans.

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This is a society for those who love photography and have a passion for adventure.
On here we share tips, inspiration, articles related to photography and travel as well as all the latest news relating to RAW Photo Tours.

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CuratorLove is comprised of various art professionals from all over the globe, with unique art backgrounds and expertise; individuals working together to provide custom experience for each and every one of their partners. They collaborate directly with international artists, galleries, museums, alternative spaces, art councils, startups, art publications, and global corporations alike to produce innovative curatorial projects.


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