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Annick van Santen
Julia Gat

17 | 27 July 2021

by Annick van Santen

You would be forgiven for thinking that all learning happened in the head, but this is not true, it is very much rooted in a child’s physical experiences in the world, which are evident from their earliest days…
– Sally Goddard Blythe

The project een kind een bal en een beweging is a research both on the motoric development of children as well as participatory methods.
Specifically, Annick collaborated with a therapist who works with children that face learning- behavioural questions. During several therapy sessions she documented the participants (with their permission), and in doing so developed a new research method referred to as: Participant Documentation.
Crawling, rolling and marching around. These are rhythmic movements preformed repeatedly. This happens to ensure that the central nervous system develops further, so children learn optimally and can use their talents fully.
Een kind, een bal en een beweging contains a research document, a video loop, four prints and three flip-books.

by Julia Gat
in her graduation project "hamsa hamsa hamsa | an upbringing", julia gat dives into her archive from the past 15 years, documenting the daily life of five unschooling siblings. through both photography and film, julia researches how the personal act of having documented her own upbringing, family and home can help reimagining ways of learning and growing up with a sense of freedom.
the project received the award prix isem jeunes photographes 2020 and prix festival portraits vichy 2016, and was finalist for the résidence bmw 2019 and athens photo festival 2018. the graduation show documented below took place in ijzerblok studios, rotterdam, june 2021. beforehand, the project has been shown at the maison européenne de la photographie, unseen amsterdam, nederlands fotomuseum, exchange rates art fair nyc, fotofestival schiedam, among other places.
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Chrysalid is a dynamic cocoon aiming at transforming the canons  around contemporary art and its market. It’s a conceptual and experimental gallery based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) that actively promotes and collaborates with young and daring artists  from all over Europe. As a communal platform, Chrysalid wants to give the artists room to experiment, to grow in their vision and to fearlessly portrait reality through the insight of their unique practices. In this metamorphic framework, the individuals behind the idea of the gallery collaborate to reshape and broaden the narratives in contemporary art, making them more inclusive and representative of the multitude of details that existence is made of. Chrysalid is not a showbox. Chrysalid is a pulsating core of transformative energy.

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