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 9 July |  14 August 2022

The Summer Exhibition at Chrysalid gallery will feature five guest artists and will inaugurate the garden of the new location with the preview documentation of a performance project.

The main exhibition space will host the drawings and etchings of Romanian artist Rada Niță Josan, whose practice revolves around the documentation and enhancement of the folkloric culture of her native region, Transylvania, which is populated by demons, mythical creatures and rituals that follow the cycle of the seasons. Next to her illustrations, the sculptures of Caio Marcolini will create a fluid contrast due to their sinuous and organic shapes made of wire mesh molded by the skill of the artist: pieces that combine the skills of a jeweller and the study of curves that recall at the same time of bodily contours, of organisms living in the wilderness or complex surgical structures.

In the garden, Chrysalid is very proud to present the preview of the project Casa Paisagem which took place in 2021 in Portugal and was created by Studio Aidel (Cristina Gallizzioli and Marco Ferrari) and documented by Riccardo de Vecchi. The Italian architectural duo spent a month of residency in Portugal, where they chose to set up a performance in the mesmerizing cork tree forest near the village that hosted them. There, they recreated in the wilderness the traditional rooms of a house, bringing only the functional pieces of furniture that they needed for daily life, and then assimilated themselves into the surrounding landscape, fading in between the trees, the grass, and the hills. The documentation Riccardo de Vecchi made is a dense report of the rhythms of life, of the visual impact of people on the landscape, and - most importantly- of the balanced coexistence of all the elements.

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Chrysalid is a dynamic cocoon aiming at transforming the canons  around contemporary art and its market. It’s a conceptual and experimental gallery based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) that actively promotes and collaborates with young and daring artists  from all over Europe. As a communal platform, Chrysalid wants to give the artists room to experiment, to grow in their vision and to fearlessly portrait reality through the insight of their unique practices. In this metamorphic framework, the individuals behind the idea of the gallery collaborate to reshape and broaden the narratives in contemporary art, making them more inclusive and representative of the multitude of details that existence is made of. Chrysalid is not a showbox. Chrysalid is a pulsating core of transformative energy.

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